Lectures in Foreign languages

In the academic year 2018/2019 the following lectures will be offered in a foreign language


(30 hours, exam, 4 ECTS each):

I semester

H2.8.2.1 dr hab. Jakub Basista, Reformation in England

H2.8.2.2 dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki, The Great Departure - Central Europeans and the New World in 19th and 20th centuries: politics, culture and everyday life

H2.8.2.3 dr Vitaliy NagirnyyВосточная Европа в средние века (X – XIII)

II semester

H2.8.2.4 prof. dr hab. Andrzej NowakRussian Geopolitics and Culture:  from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin

H2.8.2.5 dr Rafał Szmytka,  History of the Low Countries. From the Bourgondian Times to the Golden Age 


In the academic year 2018/2019 the following lectures within the offer of Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures and Societies will be offered for Erasmus+ students:


I semester

4.7A dr hab. Tomasz PudłockiReligions in Central Eastern Europe – Historical and Anthropological Perspectives (30 hrs, 4 ECTS)

4.8A dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki, Totalitarian Ideologies and 20th Century Political Systems (30 hrs, 4  ECTS)

II semester

3.5A Prof. Sean MartinAn Overview of the History of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia in the 20th century (30 hrs, 3 ECTS)



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